Artist’s Statement

Making art though sculpture, drawings, tattoos, paintings, installations, digital drawings and mixed media- is energetic experience in the life. Work is inspired by mixture of ideas, which naturally comes from daily life. Coming visions to the head plays a big part of creation. Exploring ideas such as depression, confusion, cuteness, chaos, humour, happiness, tragedy, anxiety, love. Most inspiration comes from different types of music, movies, life, people and other artists. Creating own world through practice of different materials- usually, trying to finish body of work to look visually in clean and aesthetic view. Often, uses multiple ideas to inject into simple structure of work. Observing contemporary moment- to create and use materials, which fits to surrounding atmosphere. Artwork’s purpose is to see how the audience reacts to it, if they communicates to the idea, which is hidden in the structure of art piece.

Interested in making tattoos, because it gives technical and contextual skills. Specialising in traditional, dot work, abstract, cubism, colour, black work, oriental, black work and fine line tattoos. Likely, mixing styles together into one. Usually style replicates bunch of ideas, which is contextualise in different types of emotions and moods. By making tattoos is a pleasure to meet new people with their own stories and communications. Usually, given more imaginative creation to the artwork- to explore the idea in the own way. Tattooing prevents the techniques, such as, communication, language from tattooing into art. As well, it process it from tattooing to the art, too. Often, observing the idea from surroundings and replicates into object.

Interested in relationship between ideas and materials. About” how can it work together”. Sometimes, uses random materials, which can be found anywhere- to progress in skills simulated by environment. Likely, reflecting people, animals, nature and city life concepts to the art. Emotions plays a big part of creation. Interesting in making sculpture, because it gives satisfaction of full creation to body of work. Deep in painting and drawing- using to express myself, creativity and to talk to the viewer. Doing installations and mixed media work- gives opportunity to create, push boundaries, show visibility to the audience. Installation which is observing environment- is a goal. Usually, practice of work situated with contemporary time. It presents-the idea of today’s societies or cultural problems.